Parenting Elite Athletes; Sam and Jordyn’s Moms Spill the Tea!


21-09-2023 • 52 mins

For the last several weeks, we've heard all about the chaotic and frenzied lives of Sam and Jordyn. Now, we're going to hear from their moms, Kim and Lauren, two very special guests who helped wire these two dynamic, driven, very different Division 1 athletes.

Who should listen to this?

Parents, if you have a young soccer player who thinks they want to go all the way or you're just wondering what your life's going to look like if they do - you need to listen to this episode! Not only will you get tips and tricks, you may even tear up a bit 🥲 but only after you've had some serious chuckles .

Club Players, if you're considering playing through college, then you'll get some sound advice from parents who aren't related to you, sometimes the best kind!

Coaches, are your ears burning? Yep, there is no stone unturned in this episode! No one knows a good or bad coach like a soccer mom!

Here are some of the topics they cover:

•    “The defensive spread of soccer moms”

•    What the struggles of club soccer can be

•    How to support your soccer player

•    Small moments to remember

•    Mishaps with convertibles

•    Advice for moms of college athletes

•    Things they wish they did different

Also in this Episode:

Down goes #1 BYU! Sam is riding the Hawkeyes undefeated streak, while Jordyn takes off like a rock star on a lit chartered-plane for two away games. What's with all the ties across the Big Ten?! Questions answered by Amie from MA   The BIG LIFE has a sponsor! IDA Sports shares GSN's commitment to empowering women in soccer by providing them with the specialized gear they deserve. The company's cleats are designed to address the unique needs and preferences of female athletes, aligning perfectly with the mission of "The BIG LIFE" podcast.

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