Procrastination no more: unlock your productivity potential

Soultime Dr. Katja Makowka

15-10-2023 • 23 mins

In this episode, we're going to dive deep into the topic of procastination. You know that sneaky habit that can rob us of our productivity and peace of mind? In today's fast-paced world, where there are always deadlines to meet, tasks to complete, and goals to achieve, procrastination can be a real struggle. But let's face it! This episode is all about breaking free from the burden of procrastination and unlocking our true full productivity potential. Let's beat procrastination and get things done.❤️🦋✨ Follow me on instagram for more inspiring, motivational and uplifting content. See you there😍🦋✨ ❤️ Looking for a supportive, like-minded community, to inspire the younger generation? 🌱💫 Seeking for a community that values personal development and positivity?❤️ Look no further! Click the link and become a part of our mission for change and empowerment. 🦋 For more ideas to raise your confidence and energy listen to the following episodes: Episode 52: The biggest misconceptions about happiness Episode 50: It's not a one-way street: the correlation between happiness, learning and better performance Episode 45: Make your Mondays to fun days —How to create amazing mondays Episode 33: Why setting intentions matters Episode 29: How to strengthen self- belief Episode 26 “Our comfort zone-a cozy place” But nothing grows there.