Can-Do and Confident with Kate Cousens

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Introducing the Can Do & Confident Podcast, your regular dose of motivation and friendly encouragement from British author & entrepreneur, Kate Cousens.

Kate believes that you’ve already got everything you need inside of you to reach your full potential but that sometimes people, women especially, get caught up in perfectionism and procrastination. They lack self-belief and let things like imposter syndrome and self-doubt take over. She’s on a mission to help you reconnect with your true, authentic self, building rock-solid confidence and the motivation to go after your desires and dreams!

Kate’s here with actionable advice that will help you to step into your power and start living your life in a can-do and confident way.

Because it’s your time and you’re ready to shine!

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Understanding your Values to be happier and more confident
Understanding your Values to be happier and more confident
Have you ever taken the time to work out what you most value? Many of us have a vague idea of what matters to us but haven’t stopped and explored what our values really are. Values are an extension of our core beliefs which create the building blocks for everything we do – they are like our foundations which help us define who we are. When you know what your core values are it can guide your decision making, help you set goals, and make plans for your future. Making decisions like working for an organisation or moving house can be difficult, especially when influenced by other factors such as families and social pressures. Understanding what your values are is like having a shortcut to decision making – you can simply ask yourself ‘does this align with my value of X?’. Acting more in alignment with your values can help you to increase your sense of fulfilment in every aspect of your life. If you’re interested in exploring your values I have a free resource on my website Consider which words most reflect your behaviour and/or things that are important to you. Select the ones that you most associate yourself with and then discard the rest – repeat the process until you have narrowed it down to a number between 5 – 10. If there are any values specifically that aren’t reflected, there is space to write your own. If you can’t remove a value from your list, keep it – it indicates something that is important to you. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.