Are your beliefs helping you or holding you back?

Can-Do and Confident with Kate Cousens

18-03-2024 • 21 mins

Henry Ford famously said: “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right”.

We all have our own belief system which ultimately stems from our childhood. These beliefs are designed to keep us safe, which means that sometimes we tell ourselves things that aren't true because we have subconscious fears. This can show up as limiting beliefs which can stagnate decision making and keep us stuck, or make us doubt our potential.

In this episode Kate shares her ABC model to help you hack your mindset and challenge your limiting beliefs.

ABC stands for:

·      A - Activating event

·      B - Belief trigger

·      C - Cycle breaker

By working through this model you can shift out of the typical patterns of thinking or behaviour that keep you playing small. Kate shares some of her pattern interrupters with you which help to shake up your typical thoughts and actions to reframe something new to take place. These simple, small interventions can make all the difference in shifting you from a limited mindset to one of empowerment and confidence.


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