Confidently living to your strengths, talents, and preferences

Can-Do and Confident with Kate Cousens

28-03-2024 • 19 mins

I believe that confidence comes from knowing ourselves, our strengths, talents, and our preferences - those things we like and dislike!

When you know what yours are you can bring those in to the things you do everyday and feel good about yourself. In this episode I share my love of psychometric testing or personality assessments. I liken it to your horoscope - they give you information about yourself that sometimes you don't always see for yourself!

Tests like these are often used by organisations in their recruitment processes, particular when there is a pivotal role, or it is part of a senior team where the dynamics and working relationships need to be strong. If you have never done a psychometric test, I recommend checking out the freebies that are available at or the High 5 Test

Know yourself and be confident in what you bring to this world because it's your time and you're ready to shine!


Kate x

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