Ep #68: Constipation

Ayurveda Life School Podcast

27-07-2020 • 0 seconds

We've all experienced it, the struggle to eliminate. But how can you overcome this battle and create daily, regular, easy bowel movements? Does constipation vary by dosha? And why does it even matter? And could constipation be creating a negative mind set? In this episode we cover all of these topics as well as look at remedies and treatments for all 3 types of constipation. You will come away with specific things you can do today to help ease elimination. And if you want to take your studies deeper, join the 28 Day Ayurveda Immersion beginning at the start of next month. We focus on habits like elimination and schedule to create greater health in just 28 days. Learn more at www.ayurvedalifeschool.com/ayurvedaimmersion Join me online: www.ayurvedalifeschool.com Facebook: Ayurveda Life School Instagram: @ayurvedalifeschool Namaste.