Women's Health- Our Bodies, Exercise & Changes As We Age

The Adversity Psychologist

11-10-2023 • 50 mins

Series 7 Episode 1

Guest: Dr Bella Smith from the Well HQ

In this episode I talk to the fabulous Dr Bella Smith from The Well HQ about looking after ourselves as women and embracing our changing bodies and physiology!

You may recognise Dr Bella as she was a guest in series 2 Episode 5 where we talked about menopause.

We cover:

·     Looking after ourselves and putting ourselves first – balancing life demands and our needs.

·     Managing guilt and shame about looking after our bodies and minds.

·     Women’s health and talking about our changing bodies during our life stages.

·     Embracing and looking after your body towards menopause - the issues we face in weight loss, body shape and exercise.

·     Changing bodies and exercise effectiveness- Redefining our exercise regimes.

·     Food, exercise and weight through the lifespan

·     The role of stress and our bodies.

Find Dr Bella & The Well HQ

The Well HQ

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·     The Sunday Times Best Seller- The Female Body Bible

Available at all good bookshops and online.

Dr Bella- The Digital GP

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