Using Behaviour Analysis to Break Habits and Create Change

The Adversity Psychologist

15-11-2023 • 41 mins

Podcast Show Notes

Series 7 Episode 4

In this episode I talk to the incredible Dr Valerie Evans. Valerie is a psychologist and board -certified behaviour analyst, who specialises in mindful eating. Valerie owns a continuing education business that reviews current research and best practice for behaviour analysis programs. Dr Evans has aspired to feel better about her body since becoming a teen and has experience with just about every diet program. Two years ago, Valerie turned to diet apps to feel like herself again following surgery. However, instead of reconnecting with her body she felt more disconnected than ever—completely consumed with the diet app numbers game.

Valerie said “No Weigh” to the counting, tracking, budgeting, and overall life-consuming task of restriction diets! Dr Evans responded by creating her own app, a diet program alternative called No Weigh. No Weigh shows users how to leverage behaviour analysis devices to make simple adjustments to the contexts of their daily lives to maintain motivation and lose weight mindfully and naturally.

We cover:

-The role of behaviour analysis for understating ourselves and our habits/behaviours

-Motivation and barriers to creating change

-What makes us get ’stuck” at times

-What we do to begin our change journey

-Using behaviour change for weight loss.

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