Parenting- "Lose the Guilt & Calm the Overwhelm"

The Adversity Psychologist

01-11-2023 • 44 mins

Podcast Show Notes

Series 7 Episode 3

In this episode I talk to Dr Jade Redfern- Clinical Psychologist and mum of two, about all things parenting.

Dr Jade helps parents ‘lose the guilt and calm the chaos’ by supporting them to understand themselves and their kids better, to feel better connected and help make parenting feel so much more enjoyable. She particularly enjoys helping parents who are hard on themselves, but want to show up for their kids, often slightly differently to their own experiences as a child, but to do it imperfectly, to feel less triggered by their kids behaviours, and ditch the guilt and shame they feel along the way! Jade offers 1:1 therapy, parent coaching, and her membership – ‘Inside Out Parenting.’

We cover:

·     Why parenting can be tough at times

·     Understanding ourselves as parents- Figuring out what makes us triggered and our behavioural responses.

·     How you want to show up as a parent

·     Managing guilt and shame

·     Comparing ourselves with others

·     Looking after ourselves.

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