Help me sleep! Hypnotic visualisation for insomnia

Tap It Out - Clinical EFT for a calmer life

14-04-2023 • 21 mins

This episode features a 15-minute hypnotic visualisation narrative, accompanied by ambient music that encourages the listener to relax their body and descend into a light to medium trance state and then to sleep.  The track ends with the hypnotic waves of the music that will hopefully see you off into sleep.

I recommend that you set your media player not to scroll onto the next track so that you can end up asleep without interruption.

Thanks to #planetjazzbass from Looperman for the amazing zen Lost Soul loop and to #RhonddaStewart at #CloverInstitute for the Enchanted Meadow script that I partly utilised in production of this track.

For help in unpacking the causes of your sleeping issues and for deeper work on relaxing your body, please visit me, or log onto my website

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