Ep 78 - Reframe Your Brain with Neena Perez

Straight Talk No Sugar Added Podcast

28-08-2021 • 28 mins

Do you have trouble getting yourself unstuck in certain areas? what do you say to yourself? How can you move forward? Reframe your brain! Get Unstuck! Let’s face it, negatives thoughts and the feelings that come with it can paralyze you. You get stuck in a pattern of behavior and its super difficult to get out of it. Or is it difficult? And difficult compared to what? If you are under the impression that being depressed, sad, anxious, fearful, frustrated is a state of being that needs to be continuous, that is wrong, it doesn’t have to be. For example, You are not depressed but in a state of depression. The good thing about a state is that it can and will change. As humans: we delete, we distort, we generalize, Here’s step 1: Be committed to the process of letting yourself try different techniques that can help you grow. Start to reframe your brain: Identify that negative feeling that isn’t serving you well at all. Once you identify it, investigate what makes that negative feeling come up. (trigger) for example the statement "my life is shit" Look into that feeling and find 1-2 positive reasons why and how you should respond to that negative feeling. Now you may find resistance because you always want to go to the negative, but why is there, how is this feeling serving you well? (self-protection?) (You do not think you are really those things therefore it bothers you) (look for the evidence, that your thought may not be true) your life is shit compared to what? To someone who is being human trafficked? to someone who actually lives in fecal matter? Now look at an alternative response, you must be committed, so that your subconscious won’t sabotage your efforts to reframe your brain. Your brain will try and protect you by going back to what it knows. If you start rationalizing and making excuses, go back and ask yourself, how if this serving you well? and keep asking until you can find at least 1 thing that is a positive way to respond to this feeling. (I feel "my life is shit" because I care about my life so much I don't want it to stay at this state) Always keep in mind that feelings/emotions change and you can break away from all this triggers and negative emotions and change your perspective. https://linktr.ee/NeenaPerez #inspire #straighttalknosugaradded #straighttalk #transform #positivemindset #positivethinking #thinking #positive #CT #NY #speaker #challenge #women #men #mindset #influencer #influence #powerful #life #lifetopics #talkshow #talk #host #selflove #love #women #men #success #entrepreneurship # inspirational #challenges #leadershipdevelopment #inspiration #entrepreneur #coaching #mindfulness #podcast

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