10 Practices for Men to Achieve True Sexual Mastery | 4

This Tantric Life with Layla Martin

04-06-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Discover 10 practices and approaches to transform male sexuality

Explore multiple ways for a man to become a better lover

What is “edging” and how does it help a man last longer

How breathing techniques can boost men’s pleasure in bed

The best way for men to reach multiple orgasms

Discover how mindset is the key to f**king like a God


0:00 Intro

11:52 Too Hard Too Fast

18:41 Epic Sex Guide

20:08 Technique 1: The Pelvic Floor

24:28 Technique 2: Stroke and Meditate

27:54 Technique 3: Edging

34:00 Men's Sexual Mastery

36:01 Technique 4: Breathing

39:16 Technique 5: Moving Pleasure Up and In

44:21 Technique 6: Pay Attention to Subtle Sensations

46:29 Technique 7: Sexuality Is A Gift

48:00 Technique 8: Presence

50:59 Technique 9: Deconditioning

54:36 Technique 10: Know You Are God

58:20 Conclusion


Layla Martin is a thought leader in the intersection of sexual wellness, Tantra, erotic empowerment, and personal development. Named the Headmistress of Pleasure by Women’s Health Magazine and a Sexpert Extraordinaire by Cosmopolitan, Layla has spent her life studying the science and deep magic of sexuality and human relationships. As founder of the VITA™ Method, she’s been certifying professionals in a Tantric approach to Love, Sex, and Relationships for over 7 years and has worked with over 15,000 paid clients. For 20 years, Layla traveled the world as a devoted student of Tantra, training with the most high-level teachers of this powerful tradition. She studied human sexuality, neuroscience, and biology at Stanford University, and immersed herself in the energetic traditions of Taoism and early witchcraft. Along the way, she personally curated a dynamic, holistic system from over 10,000 hours of practice that blends ancient traditions with modern techniques. The VITA™ Method is proven to help heal trauma, release limiting beliefs, and awaken life-changing levels of pleasure. Layla dedicates herself to making these profound tools accessible through her VITA™ courses and professionally training VITA™ coaches worldwide.

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