Dr. Ian Peek on How to Adapt Holistically to Exceed the Demands of the Competition

On the Mark Golf Podcast

01-02-2024 • 47 mins

Ian Peek is a Performance and Transition Coach with over 35 years of ‘hands-on’ coaching experience.  Ian has a Master’s Degree and a PhD in Sports Coaching.  He understands every client’s needs are unique and his coaching style and training methods are holistic and all-encompassing.

Ian joins us to share insights from his doctoral thesis and information on how the elite players improve their performance by focussing on more than their golf game, i.e., also on certain mental, emotional and behavioral concepts.

He discusses the his idea of "Adaptation to Exceed the Demands of the Field" and breaks them into four buckets - Biological, Physical, Psychological and Social.  He also illustrates how you can see the "Big Picture" to improvement and elaborates on a few of those concepts:

  • The coach/player and player/caddy dynamics
  • A player's game-face and their media/personal game face
  • Mental health challenges to players and competitors
  • Gratitude as a superpower, and
  • How to find a way, your individual way, to success.

Dr. Peek uses PGA TOUR and DP World Tour examples in Sir Nick Faldo and Rory McIlroy to personalize some of his lessons. This podcast is also available as a Vodcast on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman.