Forest Bathing with Dr. Suzanne Hackenmiller!

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25-10-2021 • 38 mins


As important as allopathic medicine is to alleviating sicknesses, we cannot deny that our own mental state and environment aren't important factors in the healing process. Integrative medicine has been put on the back burner, oftentimes as a last resort when really it deserves so much more attention earlier on in the healing process.

In this episode, I have Dr. Suzanne Hackenmiller, an OBGYN who discovered the wonderful world of integrative medicine and forest bathing, also known as forest therapy which aims to heal in the presence of clean and pure nature.

Join us in this episode as we dive deep into a healing process we didn’t know we needed!


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Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Suzanne’s history in OBGYN and learning about Integrative Medicine
  • What “Forest Bathing” is, and becoming a forest therapy guide
  • The benefits of forest bathing
  • The science behind forest therapy
  • The importance of being in touch with nature for our body
  • Tailoring her natural prescriptions for each patient
  • How COVID has affected us and being outdoors
  • For busy people, it’s important to squeeze nature into our schedules

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