S2E16: A Therapist's Remarkable Journey of Healing from Trauma, Learning to Trust, and Embracing Her True Identity - Tasha Hunter

Pain to Passion Live

01-08-2023 • 48 mins

On this episode of Pain to Passion Live, I have a very special guest: Tasha Hunter, a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, survivor, writer, speaker, and a fierce advocate for child abuse survivors and those who have struggled with thoughts of ending their lives.

In this episode, Tasha shares some of her incredible journey of self-discovery and healing. She opens up about her struggles and how she found her true calling in becoming a therapist. Tasha reveals the pivotal moment when a therapist told her, "There's nothing wrong with you; it's trauma," and how this simple statement changed her life forever.

Through raw vulnerability, Tasha takes us on a profound exploration of her childhood experiences, trauma, and the lasting impact it had on her ability to trust others and speak her truth. She shares how therapy became her safe space and a catalyst for her transformation.

Join us as Tasha reflects on the power of healing, the strength of the human spirit, and the beauty of showing up for others in their pain. We learn that the journey to self-discovery is ongoing, and even though Tasha has come a long way, she candidly shares that there are still parts of her that are still in the process of learning to trust others and know herself.

This episode will resonate deeply with anyone who has faced trauma or struggled to find their voice. Tasha's story reminds us of the importance of compassion, connection, and the profound healing power of therapy.

More about Tasha:

Speaker, author, therapist, and host of the When We Speak podcast.

I believe healing comes when we have people in our lives who hold space for us, allow us to show vulnerability, offer hope, and encouragement. I believe that we can manage almost anything if we have people in our lives to walk with us through the insurmountable circumstances that come our way.
I believe many of the world’s problems exist because of relationship and communication failures. I believe that healing cannot happen without fully acknowledging what hurts, who hurt us, and how it’s impacted our lives. I believe that we should all find our voice and live in our own truth—whatever that might be.

Connect with Tasha:

Instagram - @tashahunterlcsw

Website - tashahunterlcsw.com

Book - What Children Remember Podcast - When We Speak

Connect with Gabi:

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