The bees are flying. They taste the spring.

Cities and Memory - remixing the world

20-04-2022 • 4 mins

Natural soundscape on Monte Venda reimagined by Cities and Memory.

This piece moves as the original recording moves, from a simple, relaxed and natural soundscape to the interruption of a small plane overhead symbolising the intrusion of machinery, urban life and the plague of mankind on the natural world, before passing and leaving peace in its wake once again.

The sounds are made primarily from manipulated clips of buzzing bees and chirping birds from the field recording.

The title comes from Sylvia Plath's meditative "Wintering", which seemed appropriate to the themes of the piece:

Will the hive survive, will the gladiolas
Succeed in banking their fires
To enter another year?
What will they taste of, the Christmas roses?
The bees are flying. They taste the spring.