Route 50 - Can Bicycles Save The World?

Cycle Your Heart Out

15-11-2023 • 12 mins

Cycle Your Heart Out ... For The Future! There’s a beautiful quote by bicycle author & designer Grant Petersen that says; ​ “Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world”.   In this post I’ll be sharing a pretty crazy story about how that quote sort of comes true... Heart-route 50 in Milton Keynes is rather different from my other routes, as the idea for it actually came from my future 100 yr old self! Apparently I ended up in the 23rd century, and was a guest on a podcast called ‘Tests from the Future’. Simon and Dirk started their unique show when they discovered they were able to actually send episodes back in time! It was incredible to hear that the Cycle Your Heart Out movement still exists in the year 2223! An  annual event called the ‘World Heart Relay’ ended up creating millions of heartful cyclists over the years, which amazingly led to a more peaceful,  loving world! Keep listening to find out what the ‘World Heart Relay’ is all about, and how heartful cycling may be able to help save the world... I’m so grateful for you being here, if today’s post has inspired you to become a heartful cyclist, visit my website to find out more Remember to add the 2nd July 2024 in your calendar so you can take part in the 1st ever World Heart Relay! To help you create more peace, joy and compassion for yourself, others, and the world, listen to my 'Heartful Garden' meditation on Insight Timer. Listen to episode 130 from 'Tests From The Future' with Simon, Dirk and my future self! Do you believe in time travel too? I've always loved the idea that it could be possible. Actually, I love anything to do with space and time.  Two of my favourite movies are Back To The Future 2 and Interstellar. Feel free to share yours with me in the comments!

If you're in Milton Keynes, make sure you also check out these great cycling links below. ​Feel free to share yours with me in the comments! My wish for you is love, so much love that it spins out from under you, on to all of those around you. Your wheels are your paint, and the world is your canvas! Love Sarah x