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2X eCommerce Podcast

01-01-2021 • 1 min

This is the trailer for 2X eCommerce

Hi 2Xers - welcome to the 2x Ecommerce Podcast Show! I am your host - Kunle Campbell….

And this is The eCommerce Podcast Show dedicated to rapid growth in the direct-to-consumer ecommerce space.

If you work in marketing at an ecommerce business or are a founder, I’m going to help you sell more direct-to-your-customers

Each week on this podcast, I interview  an expert,  a founder of direct-consumer ecommerce business, or a representative from a best-in-class ecommerce SaaS product

We are focused on helping you improve ecommerce growth metrics such as   - Conversions,  - Average Order Value,  - Repeat Customers - Your Audience Size and  - Ultimately Sales

Their remit is simple - help you sell more sustainably!