Is Dave Filoni Adapting Heir to the Empire?

Spark of Rebellion, A Star Wars Podcast

20-05-2023 • 53 mins

As if we weren't huge fans of Dave Filoni already! If the rumours are true about the title of his upcoming movie, we could be in for potentially one of the best Star Wars movies for years.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, is Mark Hamill set to return as Luke in the upcoming New Jedi Order movie, Kath wants to "eventise" Star Wars movies, Giancarlo Esposito shows fans a deleted ending to his character, Kath talks about projects still in the works, a couple of sweet figures from Hot Toys and Joel Edgerton, you know, Owen Lars, well it turns out he's rather appreciative of George Lucas casting him in Star Wars.

The news stories from around the galaxy that we discussed on this episode...

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