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The Rest Is Entertainment pulls back the curtain on television, movies, journalism and more with Richard Osman and Marina Hyde using their years of knowledge, enviable contact book and wit to bring you what’s hot, and what’s not in the world of entertainment. read less

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The Rest Is Entertainment is a UK-based podcast examining how the media reports on pop culture. Hosts Richard Osman and Marina Hyde explore the scandalous and salacious. These include anything from Nigel Farage on reality TV to the TIME's Person of the Year selection. The hosts offer reviews of current phenomena like the David Beckham documentary. They also discuss how entertainment can make a change in the real world. Richard and Marina have a great rapport that doesn't slide into unnecessary tangents. They have a lot to say about every topic, which is usually insightful and witty at the same time.

The two hosts of The Rest Is Entertainment are veterans in show business. Most might recognize Richard as a host on the BBC quiz show Pointless, which he also created. The TV personality has appeared on many panel shows. Those include Insert Name Here, The Fake News Show, QI, and Would I Lie To You? As a producer, Richard is responsible for shows such as Prize Island for ITV and Deal or No Deal.

Cohost Marina Hyde is a well-known journalist at The Guardian. She writes about celebrity news, sports, and current events. In her weekend column, "A Peek at the Diary of…" she parodies celebrities' diary entries. The subjects of this comedic article might not always enjoy what Marina writes. Elton John even tried suing the journalist for defamation but failed. Marina has won many journalism awards, including the National Press and the British Journalism Award.

The hosts' experience in the industry provides them with an exciting perspective. Richard and Marina understand how things work behind the cameras. This allows them to offer new details, whether they discuss Christmas movies or MasterChef's judges eating cold meals. While the duo often criticizes the media, they also give recommendations. The podcast's listeners get to discover new shows, books, and films.

New episodes of The Rest Is Entertainment podcast come out weekly.

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