Obi Wan Kenobi - Part 2 - The Fistfighting Jedi

Master Control Podcast

29-05-2022 • 25 mins

Let's continue with Obi Wan Part 2! Obi Wan tracks Leia to Daiyu, we discover spice-drugs, harvested on a desert planet, there's a new Jedi in town, Kumail Nanjiani is now Haja, Obi Wan get's into fist-fighting, Darth Maul is now skin colored, Obi Wan becomes the new John Wick while Reva becomes Batman in order to impress Darth Vader. Obi learns that Anakin is alive (kind of), Reva makes shish kebab out of an Inquisitor aka Quinn and Haja saves the day!

Sounds good? then, let's talk about that!

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