Johan Cruyff & Holland 1974 - The most exciting team never to win the World Cup

Heroes & Humans of Football

04-07-2024 • 53 mins

Fifty years ago this week, Johan Cruyff took one of the most exciting teams in football history to the 1974 World Cup final. But his Holland lost to West Germany, largely because of what has gone down in Dutch history as “The Swimming Pool Affair” – a German tabloid’s front-page scoop that cost Cruyff great anguish and many hours in a phone booth calling his furious wife. We tell the story of Dutch “total football”, of the rock-star team that lived it large both on the field and off it, of the manager who was simultaneously coaching FC Barcelona, and of Johan Cruyff himself: the man who invented modern football, and fought with everybody, including with his biggest fan, Simon.  Timestamps: 00:00:29 - Introduction to the story of the 1974 Dutch national team and Johan Cruyff 00:02:23 - Explanation of the Dutch team's revolutionary playing style 00:03:19 - Background on the development of "total football" in Amsterdam 00:08:18 - Discussion of Cruyff's upbringing and early career with Ajax 00:10:05 - Cruyff's childhood and the impact of his father's death 00:11:30 - Introduction of Rinus Michels as Ajax manager 00:14:01 - Development of Ajax's new playing style under Michels and Cruyff 00:15:29 - Description of the dynamic between Cruyff and Michels 00:19:07 - Lead-up to the 1974 World Cup and the Dutch team's preparations 00:24:36 - Context of the 1974 World Cup in West Germany 00:27:02 - Description of the Dutch team's behaviour during the World Cup 00:28:17 - Cruyff's unconventional decisions in team selection 00:30:31 - Discussion of the Dutch team's appearance and iconic orange jerseys 00:33:03 - Description of the Dutch team's revolutionary playing style in action 00:36:07 - The "swimming pool affair" and its impact on Cruyff before the final 00:43:03 - The World Cup final against West Germany 00:45:55 - Aftermath of the final and Dutch reaction to finishing second 00:47:20 - Legacy of the 1974 Dutch team and Cruyff's impact on football 00:49:28 - Simon's experience interviewing Cruyff years later and subsequent fallout Follow @heroesandhumans everywhere. Instagram TikTok Facebook X Visit our website for news & updates