S1 E13: Prof Tim Spector OBE; Academic & Author

Live Longer: The Podcast

10-05-2021 • 35 mins

Join me in conversation with my friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Tim Spector, who is a world renowned Rheumatologist, academic and author.   Tim has extensively studied twins, the microbiome and food science and published academic papers and books in these areas. He has co-founded JoinZoe, a digital app that will enable us to personalise food selections to beat disease and live longer, healthier lives.   Tim was recognised for his public service during the pandemic in the Queen's Honours List. He has published a number of books including The Diet Myth and more recently Spoon-Fed that will dispel the myths around food science and fundamentally change our philosophy towards food, health and longevity.   "You can change your destiny with your food choices" Tim Spector