What You Need to Know about Crowdfunding with Jes Bailey

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

05-11-2019 • 42 mins

Have you ever heard the term crowdfunding or crowdsourcing and wondered what it actually is or how it works? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s right for you or your product, idea, business or charity? Or are you familiar with the concept but curious as to how it actually works or how to best set it up for success?

In this episode the wonderful Jes Bailey from Crowdfund 360 joins me to answer these questions and so much more. Jes is talking to us live from somewhere in France whilst working and driving down to Spain - talk about a Laptop Nomad, right?!

She knows that Crowdfunding is not magic, it is a science and an art and she wants to share this recipe for success with startups, social entrepreneurs and charities to enable more amazing people to bring their projects to life. We’ll be sharing as much as that as possible on this episode.

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