Let’s Talk Redundancy: A Tale of Two Redundancies with Mark Villalovos

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

09-03-2021 • 52 mins

“Lightning never strikes twice” they say, until it does…

Episode 17 of our ‘Let’s Talk: Redundancy’ series sounds a little different as it comes from across the pond; Chicago, IL to be precise. I’m chatting with Mark Villalovos about not just one, but two redundancy stories.

Comparing one redundancy to another, we delve into all things money, marriage and the vital role that networking can play in getting back a sense of stability. Having been made redundant in the past, Mark feels he is back on shaky ground after being placed on furlough, which looks very different in the US when compared to the UK.

A head strong leader and professional ‘doer’, Mark encountered the all too familiar hurdle of ‘asking for help’. Mark reminds us that there is no need for you to suffer alone when there are people out there who want to help you! Past friends, colleagues, managers. Network, network, network – you may be surprised by just how many people are more than happy to advocate for you.

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