Flaming Star (1960)

Viva Pod Vegas: The Elvis Presley Film Podcast

19-07-2021 • 59 mins

Elvis continues to surprise! Flaming Star, his sixth film, is far more violent (and far less musical) than we ever thought it would be. In this episode, we head back to the mid-1800s in Texas to find Elvis trapped between two worlds: that of his white father and that of his Kiowa mother. Given the premise (and the era in which this came out), we've got to say: it's far less problematic than we thought it would be! We talk about the (very, very few) songs in Flaming Star, Elvis Presley's turn as a more serious actor (which earned him some well-deserved praise), and the surprising (and frequent) bouts of hyper-violence found in the film. Plus, we look ahead to the next episode (after we figure out what's *actually* coming next) and check in on Riley Keough, now that Zola is out in theaters.