Beth Mooney | Living on the edge of unhealthy vs healthy obsession

The Inside Edge

23-08-2021 • 53 mins

Welcome to the inside edge podcast with Bhavi Devchand. Our guest this week is Australian cricketer, Perth scorcher and proud Queenslander, Beth Mooney. Beth is one of the most sought after and dominant batters in world cricket, having hit #1 in the world following the Women's World cup in 2020 and topped batting charts for 3 years prior to that. Her story of getting there is a fascinating one, where she found herself leveraging her dark side in some grueling fitness regimes, that by her own admission crossed the line into an unhealthy obsession. Beth is someone who can hit thousands of balls and is still able to flick a switch to let go and trust the skills she has developed. This has not always been the case, but as she discusses, leading with deep humility and deep gratitude has helped her perform in huge games like the WT20 final in front of 87000 people. I'll go into these concepts and how they are relevant to performance at the end of the podcast, so be sure to hang around until the end.

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