Michael Hussey | Finding Balance Between Intensity and Enjoyment

The Inside Edge

31-10-2020 • 49 mins

Huss does not need much of an introduction, a legend of the aussie game and one of my heros growing up. He was widely regarded as one of the and hardest workers in world cricket and a very intense man. Along with this came many internal battles, he was constantly battling low self-belief and openly admits he crossed the line of pushing things too far. After getting dropped from the WA team he found a new sense of balance and freedom which then catapulted his career to playing for Australia and scoring thousands of runs across all 3 formats. He goes into great detail around his training strategies and mental routines and I'm sure you will all get a lot out of this one.

  • Being too intense and working too hard having a detrimental effect on his performance
  • How comparing himself to others led to inconsistency and getting dropped
  • The basics of his batting mechanics and how he trained that
  • Huss' 4 step batting routine that helped him navigate high pressure environments
  • Managing his emotions during his test debut
  • The importance of celebrating success in being able to maintain a high intensity when on the field
  • How the Chennai Super Kings have maintained a strong team culture and sustained performance in the IPL
  • How he helped the Sydney Thunder go from being at the bottom of the league to winning the BBL
  • How he approaches coaching in the IPL with players such as MS Dhoni, Faf Du Plessis, Rayudu

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