Role Models S1 – ep8 – BROCK McLEAN

Role Models with Jarrod Walsh

13-04-2017 • 27 mins

Brock McLean is a former AFL player, playing for both Melbourne and Carlton. Being drafted in the top 5 of the 2003 National Draft, McLean encountered the pressure of what it takes to be a top prospect in the league, on and off the field. He is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, which focuses on Marriage Equality and Debra– another organisation which we discuss in the Podcast. In this episode, Jarrod chats to Brock about his life as an AFL Player, the differences between the two clubs and the media’s role in sport in 2017. They then discuss Marriage Equality, why Australian Men’s Sport isn’t embracing it and how we as a country can do better to celebrate rather than discriminate..

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