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Tap It Out - Clinical EFT for a calmer life

15-08-2021 • 1 min

Do you find talk therapy a bit of a chore?

Do you feel like you are coming up with stuff to try and rationalise how you are feeling?

Well this podcast could be for you.  Every week you'll receive a guided Clinical EFT session on a different topic, putting your limbic brain in the driving seat to target a situation or circumstance that's bugging you.

My name is Heather, I'm a Clinical EFT practitioner based in Sydney, Australia. After experiencing the power of Clinical EFT as a client, I decided to complete my training and share its proven techniques with others. My website is tap-into-life.com.au.

Clinical EFT is a mix of cognitive exposure, cognitive reframing and self-soothing via tapping on your acupressure points.  You don't feel under pressure to talk anything out, it works with your sub-conscious and your fight and flight response, reducing the triggering effects of events or situations.

Clinical EFT is recognised by the American Psychological Association for its effect on anxiety, depression and PTSD. It is most effective when you work with a qualified practitioner to get deep and specific on an issue, but these sessions aim to introduce you to Clinical EFT and can help to provide some relief - particularly if the topic resonates.

This is not a medical therapy, it is a guided educational session. Please do not change any current therapies you are on. This technique can work alongside more traditional approaches.

If you feel unwell, please stop.

Please contact me at tap-into-life.com.au to book an individual session to go deep on something that is triggering you.

WEBSITE: tap-into-life.com.au
CONTACT: Heather@tap-into-life.com.au
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