Thumby Console Unboxing | Weird Food

Geeky Brummie

01-05-2022 • 56 mins

On this issue, the Geeky Brummie team unbox and play the Thumby micro console, successfully kickstarted last year, plus the return of weird food with pizza crisps and popping candy!


  • 00:00:00 Intro: Leigh empties his cupboards, and plays Ghostwire Tokyo, Keith watches Peacemaker and plays Lost in Random, Ryan builds a Shed and plays Burnout Paradise: Remastered
  • 00:19:50 Thumby unboxing and first impressions
  • 00:32:00: The Comics Pull List with Keith Bloomfield: Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines, Godzilla vs Might Morphin Power Rangers, Step by Bloody Step, Knights of X, Silver Surfer Rebirth, Hulk Grand Designs: Madness
  • 00:34:50 Weird Food - Pizza Crisps / Popping Candy
  • 00:51:00 Outro

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