Andy Johnson (The Fried Egg) on Golf Course Design and Course Management

On the Mark Golf Podcast

10-01-2024 • 53 mins

Andy Johnson is the founder of The Fried Egg newsletter, golf blog and podcast.  He has quickly become one of the more respected voices in golf and he joins #OntheMark to talk about Golf Course Design, his philosophy on Design, and Course Management for better golf.

Andy shares his favorite courses, both on a budget and not on a budget, to play.  He talks about his likes and dislikes in Course Design and setup.

With regard to better Course Management, Mindset and Decision-making Andy addresses and elaborates on the following:

  1. The Mindset of Playing Par 5's as Par 4's and vice versa,
  2. Understanding the Design of the Hole and Playing with the Correct Mentality,
  3. Making Golf Fun,
  4. Turning Disadvantages into Advantages,
  5. Playing Outside of the "Book",
  6. Conservative Approaches, and
  7. Understanding the "Pulse" on Your Game.

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