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Hello and welcome to the First Wealth Podcast! I'm Rob Schwarz and I'm Scott Millar and we are both Financial Planners at First Wealth. We'll be your hosts for series 2 of the podcast supporting your journey whilst you carve your own path, disrupt industries and build innovative companies. This podcast is for the trailblazers, the visionaries and the rebels - who are consistently taking risks to push both their careers and lives to the next level. We’ll be having discussions with the figures standing out from the crowd, and making a name for themselves - and they’ll be sharing how you can do the same. At First Wealth, we offer an award-winning service to create confidence for tomorrow, so you can live life on your terms today, and with the First Wealth Podcast we’re talking entrepreneurial mindset and mastery to take your business to the next level - covering topics such as culture, communications, mindset, change management to name a few. Our mission is to make financial planning fun and joyous for our clients and we're very proud of our B-Corp status and passionate about our positive impact within the community - something we’re building upon within each new episode of this podcast.We'll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday, and you can follow the journey and find out more about us at