Prioritising Workplace Wellbeing with Wellbeing Expert & Speaker, Carole Spiers #S1E5

The First Wealth Podcast

12-05-2020 • 1 hr 5 mins

Carole Spiers is a recognised, world-leading authority on wellbeing & workplace stress, two highly pertinent topics for the current work climate.

On this episode of the podcast, we’re breaking down how to keep in touch with teams and keeping wellbeing at the top of the agenda, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

We hear how a culture of listening starts at the top, ways to keep up communications while working from home, and tips on maintaining a positive mindset in light of negative situations.

This episode covers:

  • How healthy workplace culture starts with the CEO
  • Where to start when considering a communications programme
  • Tips on communication & productivity while working from home

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