Staying On Top of Covid’s Economic Impact with Chief Economist at BNY Mellon, Shamik Dhar #S1E8

The First Wealth Podcast

15-06-2020 • 42 mins

Covid has presented an unparalleled challenge to our economy, and with the uncertainty surrounding our fiscal future it’s high time to prepare your business to ride the wave and come out on top.

Who better to gaze into the crystal ball and help shine a light on how to move forward than Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist at BNY Mellon. Shamik breaks down what might happen moving forwards as a result of Covid, and whether we’ve anything to learn from previous crises.

This episode covers:

  • Similarities and differences between responses to Covid & the 2008 economic crisis
  • The financial impacts of Covid on a national and global scale
  • Our potential routes out of national debt
  • How you can prepare your business to ride out the wave of economic uncertainty

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