E38: Visually-Impaired Six Star Hopeful Mark Rogerson & his guide Katie Garrity

Marathon Talk

08-03-2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

Marathons form very unique bonds within the running community, but when your life is in your guide’s hands it’s truly a bond like no other.

That’s where Six Star hopeful Mark Rogerson’s story sheds light on the joys of running - he joins us on this week’s Marathon Talk fresh from a PB-setting Tokyo race with guide runner Katie Garrity.

Join us this week as we round off all the other stories from the first Abbott World Marathon Major of the year, from surprising slow runs, to sprint-finish drama in the Women’s Wheelchair race.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Martin and Deena kick things off with a retrospective on the Indoor Athletics World Championships, and Martin’s endeavours to dust off the road bike in spite of some savage weather conditions

  • 8:55 - We round up the hottest news from the first Abbott World Marathon Major of the season, with shock slumps from Kipchoge and Hassan, the sprint finish in the Women’s Wheelchair race, and the 2,628 runners earning their sixth Star

  • 22:20 - Training Talk this week tackles the vital final five weeks of race prep, and the emphasis on nailing that all-important final long run

  • 29:10 - Mark Rogerson and Katie Garrity talk us through the complexities of training on opposite sides of the Atlantic, their emotional Tokyo experience, and how they’ll take on that all-important sixth Star

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