How to Reset after Spending Time in a Role

The Working Actor Show

09-05-2023 • 22 mins

Occupying a role can be stressful and takes full concentration so it can be difficult to unwind when the cameras stop rolling and the job is complete. Georgie and Pierce share their tips on how to get out of a character as effectively as you get into one.


  • If you have an intense scene to perform do not be surprised if it takes a while for your adrenaline to subside.
  • Set time and activities into your schedule that help you unwind.
  • Consider your day and what you found difficult during it.
  • Occupy yourself with a task or hobby that requires concentration and distracts your mind.


‘Even if you’re not playing a mean character, sometimes just being in intense scenes or scenes, in general, can really take it out of you.’-Georgie

‘It’s so important that you give yourself that time to unwind and give your body the time to catch up as well because it is exhausting.’-Pierce

‘I think doing things that you consciously have to make an effort to do can really focus you in a way that nothing else can.’-Georgie

‘Energy, it flows, and if you are keeping bottled up within you, you will need an outlet.’-Pierce



Georgie King and Pierce Connelly are a couple and business partners with experience in TV, film and theatre. Co-founders of The Acting Warehouse, an organisation dedicated to helping you achieve turning your passion for acting into a full-time career, they are here to guide you to get out there, find opportunities and land roles.


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