How Does Every Role Change You as An Actor ?

The Working Actor Show

27-03-2023 • 24 mins

Every time you embrace a role in your career whether it be on stage or screen you will change a little as a person as you carry that character and your experiences with you. You visit the same emotions as your character feels to achieve the finest acting performance you can, so how does this affect you while inhabiting those motivations and what do you take with you when you stop? What experiences can you expect in the acting environment that will help you grow as an actor?


  • The body cannot tell what is real and what’s not and physiological responses to the emotions being acted can take their toll.
  • You are going to have off days and your on-set experiences are going to affect you going forward, for better or worse.
  • Smaller roles often mean you feel less entitled to guidance and support.
  • Rehearsals are important. Give them your all. It is your chance to contextualise and refine your performance.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your methods and your opinions as you grow your experience.


‘There is a reason why we struggle with it and it’s because we are actually going through it.’ – Georgie

‘I didn’t want to ask for extra support because I knew how stressful that particular scene was going to be for the other actors and for the production team. Looking back now I wish I did because we probably could have worked on the character quite a lot.’ – Pierce

‘If your playing one of those standard day player type roles it can be really difficult to explore that character.’ – Pierce

‘I think there are a lot of people who feel very similar, that they are going to get judged if they give their all in a rehearsal.’ – Georgie



Georgie King and Pierce Connelly are a couple and business partners with experience in TV, film and theatre. Co-founders of The Acting Warehouse, an organisation dedicated to helping you achieve turning your passion for acting into a full-time career, they are here to guide you to get out there, find opportunities and land roles.


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