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Wendy Parrish

A podcast sharing my mental health journey.I will share the things I have learned, things I am trying to learn and information from others on a mental health journey or experts who help people on a mental health journey. read less
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Tick, Tick, Boom:Your nervous system and mental health
Tick, Tick, Boom:Your nervous system and mental health
In this episode of Messages From the Middle I embark on an exploration of the human nervous system. I will share the  delicate dance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. This week I will get a little science as I journey, talk about intricacies of fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest responses. I'll delve into the differences between hyper and hypo nervous systems, and navigate just a little of what we know about this essential human system The episode goes beyond the surface, dissecting the impact of chronic stress and trauma on the nervous system, leading to states of perpetual fight-or-flight or immobilization. Let's shed some light on why individuals may find themselves stuck in these states even when there's no immediate threat. The episode  introduces the Polyvagal Theory,  framework that offers insights into the interplay of the vagus nerve in shaping our social engagement and stress responses. I will also share practical strategies for healing hyper and hypoactive nervous systems, attention is also given to the often overlooked under-stimulated nervous system. With a focus on fawning and freezing responses, the episode illuminates the science behind these states and gently explores ways to activate and revitalize a dormant nervous system. With a blend of scientific knowledge and compassionate guidance, this episode empowers listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and nervous system restoration. Understanding your nervous system can help all of us gain more compassion towards ourselves by understanding that it is an evolutionary biological response and not a "personality flaw" that is behind many of our actions when our nervous system is dysregulated contact me:  email: instagram:@childsongbird