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The Future of Artificial Intelligence discussions with Professor Andy Pardoe and very special guests across the field, from AI research to AI practice and delivery. We will discuss AI, robotics, science & emerging technologies, together with an in-depth look at how humanity will evolve over the coming years to best take advantage of AI based technologies. Topics will span Science, Technology, Business, Innovation, Startups, Careers and much more. Every episode is packed with insights, knowledge and debate about the Future of Artificial Intelligence. Join me on this amazing journey into the unknown, as we enter a unique point in our history, where humans have built machines that can solve problems better than us. read less
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AI Art (Part 1 - Text) with Shane Neeley (S5 E1)
AI Art (Part 1 - Text) with Shane Neeley (S5 E1)
Warning: Shane does talk about some of his early career working in labs doing experiments with animals, so if you want to skip this detail, please fast forward to 1:30.New for 2022, I will be exploring a number of examples of AI Art using a range of generative algorithms to achieve the creation of AI Art. In this episode I discuss with Data Scientist Shane Neeley, who has himself experimented with generative algorithms to contribute sections of his books.  I recorded this episode towards the end of last year, but it seems even more relevant than ever for 2022.AI Art take many forms, and in future episodes I will explore other artistic mediums that AI can contribute. However this episode, and Shane's experience has been with text generation. Shane is an experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in many aspects of biomedical and clinical application development. Well rounded machine learning background that includes aspects of natural language processing, document classification, sentiment analysis and computer vision. Strong engineering professional who graduated from Rice University.Shane also give some great insights and advice on how to get started in Data Science and build a career in AI and Machine Learning. He also gives some guidance on how to get started with generative algorithms. You can see Shane's linkedin profile here: and visit his website at https://www.shaneneeley.comIn future episodes, I will be exploring other forms of AI Art, from Music, Images, Videos and Films. I will also look at how these technologies can also be applied more into the world of Science, Innovation & Invention.