Explainable AI (XAI) and Transformers for NLP with Denis Rothman (S4 E2)

The AI Future Show with Professor Andy Pardoe

24-05-2021 • 50 mins

Denis Rothman (linkedin, amazon) is an Artificial Intelligence Expert, inventor, designer, and full-stack developer of 3 cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions that he has been innovating using Python AI/ML/DL, Tensorflow, IBM Watson, AWS(Amazon), IBM Q, Azure, Google Cloud. He is also author of the following AI books:

  • Author of Artificial Intelligence by Example, 2nd Edition,2020, Packt (available on Amazon)
  • Author of Hands-On Explainable AI (XAI) with Python, 2020, Packt (available on Amazon)
  • Author of Transformers for Natural Language Processing, 2021, Packt (available on Amazon)

We had a conversation rooted in his two latest books, Explainable AI and Transformers for NLP, but we end up talking about a number of related and unrelated topics.