Was Aron Barbell Going to Cut Ties with Boston Rob? | Deal or No Deal Island E10 Exit Interview

Jack Vita Show

30-04-2024 • 20 mins

This week, Aron Barbell became the ninth contestant eliminated from NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island. As part of our Deal or No Deal Island coverage, Aron visits the Jack Vita Show for his exit interview.

Aron was the first contestant to face the banker in episode 1. He emerged victorious nine weeks ago, and successfully eliminated Brantzen Wong from the show. This week, Aron was not as fortunate, as his case held a higher total ($3.5 million) than the offer he accepted ($1.199 million), making a bad deal and spelling the end of his time on the show.

Aron started off strong. At the end of episode 4, he was voted the most trustworthy competitor on the show. He had hoped that Miranda would defeat the banker and send Stephanie home for him. Miranda was not onboard though, and blew up his game to the entire cast. Five episodes later, Aron's time on DONDI came to an end.

Amy McCoy selected Aron to face the banker in this week's episode. It was unclear who Aron would have eliminated had be defeated the banker and stayed alive. It appeared as though Boston Rob's time on the Banker's Island may have been reaching its end, as the Night Owls plead to Aron to take a shot at the Robfather. Rob hoped that Aron would finally take out Stephanie, something they had discussed since the very first episode.

In this exclusive exit interview, Aron reveals who he would have sent packing had he defeated the banker, if he feels Boston Rob underestimated him as a player, where he thinks things started to go south for him on the Banker's Island, what he would do differently if he played again, and much, much more!

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