Deal or No Deal Island E8 "Are You Meticulous?": Dawson Talks $100K Offer, Night Owls, Boston Rob

Jack Vita Show

18-04-2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Miranda Rose Harrison is back on the Jack Vita Show for a new edition of Deal or No Deal Island Insiders! This week, Dawson visits the show for a deep dive into Deal or No Deal Island Episode 8, "Are You Meticulous?"

Earlier in the week, Dawson visited the Jack Vita Show for his exit interview. Dawson had just 15 minutes to answer a handful of questions about his time on the show. Today, he opens up in a longform conversation with Jack and Miranda, providing a peak behind the curtain and sharing information about some things that weren't shown on television.

Dawson became the second player of the season to accept a personal offer from the banker, joining Miranda! Miranda and Dawson reflect on their decisions to take the money. Dawson provides context to the confrontation between Amy and Aron that made the air. He also shares about a conversation he had with Jordan, which surprised him when it didn't make the air. Dawson spills the tea about a secret alliance he had in the game, and gives his thoughts on this week's excursion, and the episode as a whole! Tune in for an inside look at the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island!

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