From Toxic to Thriving: Evolving Your Culture With Miriam Dicks

The Small Nonprofit

09-01-2024 • 41 mins

Are the challenges in your nonprofit growing pains or signs of  deeper issues? With a New Year, we have the opportunity to reflect on what is working and what is not!  If we don't address the roots of operational dysfunction, our mission is at risk.

In today’s episode, we’re exploring how the heart and soul of our work – our culture – plays a huge role in our success. We're discussing how nurturing the right environment can make your nonprofit more effective, scalable, and fundable.

On this episode of The Small Nonprofit, we're talking with Miriam Dicks, owner of 180 Management Group. Miriam has over two decades of operational management and consulting experience. She brings her insights to the operational challenges facing our sector. From the perils of toxic workplace cultures to the smart outsourcing of HR functions, Miriam opens up about what truly can move the needle for small nonprofits.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • Mutual Accountability: Leadership isn't about overseeing; it's about being a role model. Just like any team member, Miriam emphasizes the importance of holding leaders accountable. This isn't about control; it's about everyone striving for their best.
  • Embracing Change: Heard the phrase, "We've always done it this way"? It's a common barrier but often masks the real issue – change management. Miriam shares that recognizing the need for change is just the first step. The real game-changer is sustaining it.
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: Change is about shifting culture. We will explore why a healthy organizational culture is non-negotiable. We will also discuss how it can make or break your strategic efforts.
  • Smart Operations for Small Teams: Think your small team can't achieve big things? Think again! Miriam discusses how automation and strategic outsourcing can dramatically increase your capacity without expanding your team.
  • The Long Game in Decision Making: Miriam emphasizes that strategic decisions made today will have long-term implications. She encourages nonprofit leaders to think ahead, invest in the right resources, and dare to be trailblazers.

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