700K Growth: When Everyone is a Fundraiser with Tammy Ebuen

The Small Nonprofit

23-04-2024 • 36 mins

Are you the only one in your nonprofit who understands fundraising?  You spend hours crafting proposals, building donor relationships, and strategizing, while your colleagues think it's as simple as posting on Instagram. Well, today's episode is for YOU. We're diving into the power of creating a culture of philanthropy, where everyone in your organization understands and supports sharing your mission, leading to incredible fundraising success.

I'm thrilled to have Tammy Ebuen, a fundraising superstar with over 15 years of experience, join me on the show. As the Senior Director of Development at Visions of Science, she's coming on to chat about what it looks like when everyone understands fundraising. Tammy shares her insights, success stories, and tangible tips on how your nonprofit can cultivate that collective understanding, creating a more sustainable – and enjoyable! – fundraising environment.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • Shared Responsibility is Key: A culture of philanthropy means everyone from staff to leadership views fundraising as an integral part of achieving your mission, not just “something the fundraiser does”.
  • Psychological Safety = Fundraising Innovation: Staff feeling valued and safe to be themselves bring fresh ideas to the table, leading to more engaging and effective fundraising strategies.
  • Success Stories Fuel Motivation: When everyone celebrates fundraising wins, it creates a positive feedback loop, inspiring the team and attracting further support.
  • Culture of Philanthropy Means Staff Retention: Fundraisers thrive in environments where they feel connected to the mission and supported by the entire organization.

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