Leading Human-First: The Intersection of Work and Well-Being in Nonprofits with Lacey Kempinski

The Small Nonprofit

13-02-2024 • 32 mins

Are you feeling torn between supporting your team's work-life balance and striving to hit those all-important organizational milestones? For those managing small nonprofits, where every hour and every dollar counts tenfold, balancing personal growth and professional success can be a challenge.

Today, we dive deep into creating a workforce that thrives on the “leading human-first” approach with Lacey Kempinski, CEO and Founder of Balanced Good. Balanced Good provides parental leave coverage – from the day-to-day hands-on work to big picture transition planning. Balanced Good believes that a supported transition to parenthood will benefit both our sector and the parents working in it. Lacey has a big vision, she wants parental leave to become a celebrated life milestone, not a feared employment gap.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • Leading Human First: Leading with a human-first approach is a strategic move. Lacey and I explore the long-term benefits,the pressing need for people-centered policies, and how they play a crucial role in employee retention in a sector that's primarily women-led.
  • Beyond Parental Leave: Targeting the nonprofit sector's approach to parental leave, Lacey addresses the broader spectrum of parental support necessary within our organizations. From the nuances of policy creation to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace, these actionable discussions could very well set your organization on a path to become a pioneer in employee well-being.
  • Flexibility as a Retention Tool: We analyze how work culture—especially in the context of compensation and benefits—can be critically assessed and reshaped in innovative ways to prioritize the people behind the mission. By valuing flexibility and understanding, Lacey talks about creating a compelling argument for talent to stay, grow, and contribute meaningfully to the nonprofit world.
  • Support at Every Stage: Discussing the ebb and flow of employees' personal lives—like becoming a parent—Lacey reiterates the need for smoother transitions. Learn about the steps for recruitment, hiring, and promotions that take the whole individual into account, ensuring that your nonprofit doesn't just survive these transitions but thrives because of them.

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