Here's Where AI Fits into Your Content Strategy | With Natasha Vickery-Orme

The Strategic Marketing Show

25-04-2023 • 21 mins

Content is an essential part of building engagement into your marketing activities. But, it's getting harder to get your content seen by the right audience, and AI might be making this even tougher. So, what does highly engaging content look like? And how is this going to evolve in the future?

That's what we're discussing today with a lady who works with brands including, Indeed Sitecore, and AWS, helping shape their content strategies around online experiences that engage the right audiences.

She’s a Content Manager who heads up all the strategic content production at Inbox Insight.

A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Natasha Vickery-Orme.

[You can find Natasha over at]

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • How would you describe the purpose of content within a marketing strategy?

- Brand awareness

- Building trust

- Authenticity

- Simply being useful

  • How do you get your content in front of the right people?
  • Is it possible for your content to appeal to multiple channels at the same time?
  • What role should AI have in creating content?
  • What is Insights for Professionals doing to take advantage of AI?
  • How is the role that AI plays in content production likely to change in the future?
  • What do marketers need to do now to plan for this