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How is AI and Automation Changing Marketing - and What Should You Do About it?
How is AI and Automation Changing Marketing - and What Should You Do About it?
We're constantly hearing endless reports of how we should just trust paid ad platforms to deliver the right ads in the right places, and how you can now trust content to be written by AI. But, where should you draw the line? What should you automate? And what shouldn't you automate?That's what we're gonna be discussing today, with a man who co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads with Perry Marshall, the world's best-selling book on Google Ads with over 140,000 sales.He's spoken on four continents, at hundreds of conferences, clocked up over two decades in the digital marketing industry, and is CEO and founder of the award-winning Melbourne-based digital agency, Web Savvy.A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show. Mike Rhodes.You can find Mike over at discussed on this episode include:Where’s the line between not enough automation and too much automation?What are examples of tasks that should definitely be automated in 2023?How is automation changing Google Ads?What are some tasks that definitely shouldn’t be automated?Should marketers be using ChatGPT to generate content? (If so, what content?)Should a marketer be led by what’s possible in a tool when it comes to deciding whether or not to automate?What’s an example of a brand that’s doing a great job with automation?Not necessarily thinking about automation here, what's the number one thing marketers need to incorporate into their strategy?