What Tasks Should Marketers Be Outsourcing vs Keeping-in-House? | With Ashley Monk

The Strategic Marketing Show

04-04-2023 • 24 mins

How do you decide which marketing tasks you should outsource and which tasks you should keep in-house?

That's what we're discussing today with a lady who takes a strategic and data-driven approach to identifying a business's primary goals and translating them into actionable KPIs that move the needle.

She's had her clients featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post, and her agency is a Facebook-verified marketing partner.

A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Ashley Monk.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • If a business can afford it, and they can have as big a marketing team as they want, shouldn’t they just do everything in-house?
  • How do you go about selecting which tasks to outsource?
  • How do you ensure that communication is as clear and effective as possible, to ensure that the negative aspects of silos don’t occur?
  • As an agency, how do you cope with being the silo?
  • How has what is outsourced changed over the past few years, and how do you see this changing over the next few years?