#243 Dr Elizabeth King - Navigating Team Resilience

The Sport Psych Show

17-07-2023 • 54 mins

I’m delighted to speak to Dr Elizabeth King in this week’s episode. Elizabeth is recognised as a one of Australia’s leading authorities on leadership development. Over the last three decades, she has worked as an advisor, mentor, executive coach, and facilitator, focusing on organisational, team and individual performance in disruptive contexts.

Elizabeth has worked with some of the region’s biggest companies, designing and delivering solutions that build the competencies and culture required for navigating complexity. Her PhD thesis "Developing Leaders to perform in uncertainty" provides insight into the challenges facing leaders who are navigating increasing levels of systemic pervasive change and resultant uncertainty. It explores the role that mindfulness might play in developing leaders and their organisations to succeed in such conditions by addressing the challenge of how to develop leaders to perform in uncertainty. Elizabeth has also written a best-selling book on mindfulness in the workplace entitled "Buddha in Pinstripes".

In this episode we discuss a brilliant research paper Elizabeth led about navigating team resilience.